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Learn Digital Marketing Course By Best Digital Marketing Institute

Adzentrix delivers best digital marketing training in Delhi NCR. We have intensive digital marketing course curriculum & provide hands-on practical project training to our students. Some of our course modules are given below:

1. Blogging - Learn How to Become a Successful Blogger

It refers to writing regarding any expertise topic. For example: if you are an expert at technical terms, you can start writing blogs on technical aspects. In other words, if you know anything, you can blog about it and can adopt digital marketing techniques to target /present your blogs to the audience online via the Internet

2. Content Marketing

Content marketing generally refers to writing the content to market any product and services. here every detail like deals, offers, and specifications, etc of product need to be delivered to the audience/visitors. This will result in more incoming users to your blog and website. One important point to note is that our content should be well Delivered, Engaged, Informative, and Correct so that visitors will not bounce back from our website or blog.

3. SEO - Organic Marketing

Search Engine Optimization is used to increase the number of users to our website. If we want to increase traffic on our website or blog, SEO is the best technique to achieve it. for example: if a user wants to know anything, He or she will search it and google will show results using SEO, which means if your website is top at google, more users or traffic will reach your website and this is known as Ranking. This ranking is generally achieved by using SEO techniques. SEO is generally based on various parameters like website structure, Html tags, Backlinks, Content & website load time or website speed.

4. SMM - Create Strong Social Signals

Social Media Marketing is also a very important pillar of Digital Marketing. Using this platform companies and organizations advertise their products and services on social media where they also get audience views or feedback about their brand. Social Media Platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest, etc. We teach how you can increase the number of followers, reach, engagement, and leads using proved techniques.

5. Google Ads / Pay-Per-Click Marketing

PPC ads are shown on the top of Google's page. This is a paid service for which we bid on business based keywords. Google generally put these advertisements at good quality and more traffic carrying websites through which we can target our product to more user/audience. Through Google Ads, we can advertise various ads like Text, Image, GIF, Content, video, Pop up, sponsored, web banner ads.

6. Apps Marketing

App marketing refers to target audience through Apps. With app marketing companies use to advertise their products over apps. User clicks on that ad and redirects to the main website carrying more information and details regarding a specific product.

7. Youtube Marketing

Youtube is ranked as second best search engine on the Internet. Here we can advertise our product through videos to get more traffic or users on our website. we have often seen that, when we watch trending videos on youtube, sometimes add comes in between. These ads are put by business organizations to advertise their product and services. In other words, marketing done by putting ads on youtube trending videos is called Youtube channel marketing.

8. Email Marketing

Marketing done by sending multiple emails using different email software is called Email marketing. Here companies and organizations use to advertise their products and services through email. These mails cover all deals and offer about a particular product. These mail also consist attached link through which user redirects/land to the main website where he can find more details about the marketed product.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing means targeting the right audience at the right place i.e. we need to connect to our audience and customer to the place where they often spend their time. That place is the Internet. Digital marketing is done through digital channels such as Email, websites, search engines, and social media.

When smartphones were not invented, people generally use magazines and the radio. organization and companies use to advertise their product and services through these mediums and people use to buy products through these advertisements. But in today's era, Most people especially youth generally spend their time on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Youtube, etc. that's why companies and organizations adopting digital marketing techniques to sponsor and advertise their products and services on social media platforms. In other words, digital marketing is marketing, promoting or advertising products and services through all social media channels.

Benefits of Learning Digital Marketing

1.) No Entry Barrier: We can enter a Digital marketing platform very easily or we can say that entry resistance at this platform is very low. If we are having any startup business, we can enter a digital marketing platform with low expenses. we don't have to spend too much. Also, any person with relevant skills can learn digital marketing, there is no entry barrier.

2.) High return on Investment

3.) 24x7 market approach: There is no time barrier. We can work anytime only by having a laptop and a proper Internet connection.

4.) Global customer Reach through various social media platform like Facebook, Twitter etc.

5.) Real-Time and measurable: let us take the example that we run an ad campaign. when the user will start reading it, then you can check how many people visited, clicked on your ad. In other words, you can track the activity of your audience. we can also track what age group and percentage (male and female) visited your website. This is known as collecting real-time information about visitors.

Job Scope in Digital Marketing

As the Internet is at boom today, so every company requires digital marketing associates to expand their sales and business. No matter whether it a startup, MNC, or any other business. Digital marketing is a must for all. digital marketing is not limited to one industry. It is needed in all industries like Real Estate, Finance, IT, Ecommerce, etc. Hence the scope of digital marketing is very immense/vast. Only a thing requires proper Skill. Eligibility criteria: Any graduate /intermediate level person can start his / her carrier in digital marketing People use to serve with below roles in this platform 1. Digital marketing manager 2. Social media executive/Manager 3. Web developer and Web designer 4. SEO Experts/ executive 5. PPC or SEM experts 6. Content Marketer

Digital Marketing Course Modules